Finally, They’re Here

Whasoon, Sungmi, Yunyong, and Yugin!  I am finally spending time with my family members here in my home city of Minneapolis.  I love it.  We’ve eaten Korean food at Mirror of Korea in St. Paul, shopped at Southdale mall in Edina, watched movies together, cooked together; and we’re just getting started.  They’ll be with us for a month, and I’m thrilled.

Sungmi, Whasoon, Yugin, and Younyong in front
Sungmi, Whasoon, Yugin, and Yunyong in front

Brad and Whasoon cooked a wonderful meal tonight.  Spaghetti, bruschetta, greens salad, and tasty-salty olives from Whole Foods.  Everyone loved it.  Brad was drinking pinot grigio while he was doing the cooking, so it wouldn’t have mattered how it tasted for him.  :)

                    Italian Bruschetta
Italian Bruschetta
Me, Loving Brad's Cooking (Brad and Whasoon's!)
Me, Loving Brad’s Cooking (Brad and Whasoon’s!)
Whasoon and Yugin Loving Italian Food
Whasoon and Yugin Loving Italian Food

We plan to visit the Mall of America (of course), Chicago for four days, the Guthrie and Stone Arch bridge.  We’ll go skating, sliding, and possibly check out the last of the Hollydazzle parade.  Luckily, Heon – our new Korean American friend – was able to come and translate the first night.  Our good friend Paul was there for us at the airport!

It was the fulfillment of a dream, to sit with my eldest sister at my dining room table, drinking tea and just talking.  She is one of the people I remember most from my Korean past (she and my father).  I remember loving her cooking when I lived with her in Geumsan.

I used to think that “coming full circle” was an event.  Now, I realize that it is sometimes a process.  A long and lovely movement toward things coming back together.

Pray for nice weather.  We want them to be impressed!  :)

One thought on “Finally, They’re Here

  1. Hi Kelly and Brad, I am looking forward to meeting your Korean family when you visit Como. I know that we are looking at you coming to Como after the 1st of the year…..are there any dates/days that work best for you? Also, we can do either a behind the scenes tour/training with the Polar Bears and zookeeper or we can do a time with the giraffe’s and each person can feed them (give them crackers of some type). I can talk with you more about each of these before you decide too. I should just know at least a week before to set it up with the staff. Let me know your thoughts! Lynette

    Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 02:49:11 +0000 To:

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