Kelly and Brad at Cafe Barbette on the corner of Irving and West Lake Street in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Songs of My Families, a 37 Year Odyssey from Korea to America and Back was first published in Korea under the name Songs of My Two Families.  The Korean language title is 37년만에 집에 왔습니다, or 37 Years to Return Home.  Kelly Fern and her husband Brad Fern started the book in 2007.

In 2008, Korean Broadcasting System aired a 5-episode documentary about Kelly’s reunion with her Korean family.  In 2010, Kelly was reunited with the daughter she herself had given up for adoption as a teen.

Kelly speaks to 70+ crowd at Magers and Quinn Bookstore in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Since then Kelly has been featured on American Public Media’s The Story with Dick Gordon, KARE 11 television, and many newspapers, websites, and blogs.  She has lectured at bookstores, book clubs, and schools throughout the upper midwest.  She works for Homeland Security.

Brad is a psychotherpist working at Tom Lutz and Associates in Hastings, MN.  He has written two other books: Ashes to Gold, the Alchemy of Mentoring the Delinquent Boy (with Tom Lutz) and The Immaculata, a Mystery.

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